Stock Inventory, Invoicing, Bookkeeping and CRM: Emsai ERP

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Ultra-Fast Cloud Platform

Easy Interface

Detailed Stock Inventory

Stock Inventory / Warehouse Management

Comprehensive stock inventory management made easy. Track all items in your warehouse. Generate reports and audits.

Invoicing & Bookkeeping

Generate Invoices and Pro-Forma. Manage Receivables and Payables. Manage unlimited bank accounts, statements. Bank transactions reconciliation. Ledgers-based tracking and General Ledger report.


Manage Customers, Suppliers and Employees. Generate Unpaid Invoices reports, block and unblock customers, assign sales agents and more.

Reports & Statistics

Generate Stock Reports, Sales Reports, Supplier and Client Reports, Ledger account reports, track item history and much more!

Stock records managed
Stock Inventories
Invoices Issued

Works on any Device

Use it on Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or your Phone

24/7 Access from anywhere

Cloud-based tool available 24/7. Fast response, fully configurable

Advanced features

CRM, email ticketing, General Ledger, Web integration features (coming soon)

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